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African Climate Stories

African Climate Stories is an online platform creating a community of multimedia climate storytellers in Africa.

Environmental problems and climate change are posing grave danger to our society. However, the significance and seriousness of this problem are not sufficiently conveyed to various audiences in an effective manner to drive the needed change.

Having observed how storytelling shapes trends and culture, African Climate Stories aim to drive compelling narratives for diverse audiences towards climate change action and environmental solutions by enabling storytellers and climate activists to co-create stories for environmental and climate change education and advocacy.

We are a diverse community of multimedia storytellers uniting for environmental solutions and climate action.
African Climate Stories Fellowship is a cohort based program bringing together storytellers and activists to co-create narratives that drive action for environmental and climate change solutions in Africa.
African Climate Stories Forum is a monthly online training on multimedia storytelling for climate action and environmental solutions.
African Climate Stories Festival is the gathering to celebrate those creating narratives that move environmental solutions and climate action to amplify efforts and impact.

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